White Fox Author, Marie Dahl, Sees Amazon #1 International Bestseller

(Last Updated On: October 10, 2017)

Marie Dahl, born and raised near White Fox, SK, recently participated in a collaborative book titled Conceived to Lead: Dismantling the Glass Ceiling Mindset, which was publish on Amazon on September 30th, 2017. The book rapidly became a #1 best seller in Canada, then the USA, followed by Australia and it is #2 in the UK, making it an Amazon International best selling book.

The book, an accumulation of chapters written by 35 contributing authors from around the world, includes a chapter written by Marie titled “Lead by Nature, Lead by Default, Lead with Compassion

In a written interview, Marie praises the other authors who also contributed to the book’s success. “These amazing ladies have great stories to tell about hard things that they had to over come in their lives. They give proof to all women that we are all leaders in our own lives. We are only limited by what we choose to let limit us.

The book was compiled by Carla Wynn Hall and published by Candy Zulkosky. Marie was introduced to Carla through her niece, Amanda Canales Polanco. Marie had already begun working a project with Carla, preparing some children’s books she was working on to be published by mid November called, “The Adventures of Aksana the Fairy“. Carla invited Marie to be a part of a collaborative book about women leaders, to which she said yes.

Marie described her inspiration for her chapter, 

I talk about the 2 ladies that inspired me to be a great leader. My Grandmother Ella Pronych and my mother Phyllis Dahl. They taught me so much about being a strong woman , to have a huge heart and to help out where ever and when ever I seen a need.

I talk about the amazing women of my home town, how so many people benefit from the hours they volunteer for so many things. My years of leadership in the role of an assistant manager in retail… How women are leaders of their families by nature. There is no age limit on being a leader or for that matter leading without knowing your leading.

As the oldest daughter and second child of Per and Phyllis Dahl, Marie grew up near White Fox. She attended school in White Fox and and later high school at LP Miller Comprehensive School in Nipawin, SK. She left home halfway through grade 12 when she moved to La Ronge, SK where she worked and finished her grade 12.

Marie has experienced life in many locations, with much of her moving being for work, “I moved back to White Fox for awhile , then I started what I call globe trotting. I have lived in a lot of places, Aborfield, SK, then I was off to Alberta where I lived in Donnelly and Falher, then it was off to Yellowknife, NWT. From there I moved to Westaskiwin, Red Deer, Calgary and now I have lived for about 13 years in Edmonton. My kids laugh and ask me if I have grown up and am finally settling down.

When asked how she became a writer, Marie replied, “Funny story…. I was born on my Grandfathers birthday, (her niece) Amanda had a daughter born on my birthday. I thought this was something very special, so I decided to make Aksana a very special birthday gift. A couple of hand made stories about a shy fairy named Aksana . Everyone that had seen them kept telling me that they were very good that I should get them published, so Amanda told me she knew a good publisher and hooked me up with Carla …. the rest is now history in the making. I set out to make one special little girl happy. Now its going to be a lot more.”

On who where people who influenced the content of her chapter in the book, Marie says “Every single woman that has ever done volunteer work in the White Fox area. This is such an amazing community with hundreds of inspiring people. They have proven this time and time again. They see someone or something that needs to be done. They organize and fill that need. Nothing shines brighter to me than when my parents lost everything in a house fire. The community rose up and made sure they wanted for nothing. For that I am ever so humbled and grateful .

Marie offers words of advice for anyone that has a story inside that needs to get out, “Put a pen to the paper and start writing, let it out. As scary as you think that part is, its not. It is when you hit that send button. Then you think, oh my what have I done? It has been an unbelievable experience so far but boy the ride is fun.

But this is just the beginning for Marie, who says she has learned so much as a first time author and is looking forward to her children’s books coming out mid-November. She is also working on a chapter for another collaborative effort called “Chocolate and Diamonds”.

Book Signing at The Rae Centre November 1st, 2017

Currently the book is available on Amazon and Marie will have copies available there for $25 each. You can also pre-order your copy by stopping by the Rae Centre and receive a $5 discount, getting your book for only $20.

Marie is also currently in talks with Chapters Idigo for book signing appearances, however she just felt strongly that her first book signing as a new author should be in her home town.

What better way to mark a huge mile stone in your life as a Number One international selling author than with the community that I grew up in.”

Post Author: Joanne Francis

Joanne Francis is the Editor and Journalist for Nipawin News