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Well, Today Was the Day I Had to Give in or Give up.

(Last Updated On: January 22, 2018)

But I don’t give up easy, so…

Six months ago when I launched Nipawin News, I vowed I would only allow local advertisers, using low cost ad rates that allowed even the smallest of businesses to participate. While all the other online media outlets that serve this area include Google Ads on their websites, I wanted to offer something exclusive for Nipawin and area businesses.

Despite the 30,000+ views Nipawin News gets every month, it appears local advertisers aren’t interested. While I do admit I am too busy working on the website and it’s content to approach the 400+ businesses in the region, many have been approached and, though some said maybe one day, none were willing to give it a try.┬áThe ads you’ve seen have been basically sample ads, with me using my own family as guinea pigs, with the exception of White Fox Natural Healing Clinic, who supported the news on the air on CJNE.

With none of our local businesses willing to show support for the news coverage provided by Nipawin News, the content has begun to suffer. The time I have available to spend has been reduced as I have to do other work in order to make a living myself. My ability to get out to the events and council meetings has been nearly eliminated, as I live in a rural area and travel gets costly.

I have started setting up the Google Ads that will be displayed through the website. I hope that all will bear with me as I go through the trial and error of testing and selecting the ones that are the least intrusive for you. The irony in this is that in those Google Ads you may even see some local advertisers who are paying more to Google than they would have if they came direct to me.

I will still offer advertising options to Nipawin area businesses, so if you have a business and wish to advertise you can contact me using the contact page on this website or by phone using the contact information on that page or at the bottom of every page.

Post Author: Joanne Francis

Joanne Francis is the Editor and Journalist for Nipawin News