Updated: Visitors Restricted Lifted at Parkland Place in Melfort

(Last Updated On: October 2, 2017)

Update: Monday October 2nd 2017

Visitor restrictions have been lifted. 

Kelsey Trail Health Region News Release – September 14, 2017

A respiratory outbreak has been declared among long term care residents and staff at D2 House in Parkland Place in Melfort.
Symptoms associated with respiratory illness have been reported in four residents and two staff. An outbreak is declared when a minimum of three residents, patients, clients or staff display symptoms of respiratory illness in a twenty-four hour period.

Visitors of long term care residents in D2 House in Parkland Place are being restricted as the result of the outbreak. Precautions have been put in place to help contain and minimize the spread of the virus.

Though there have not been many influenza cases in the region, other viruses are also circulating in communities. People may carry the virus without being symptomatic and can transfer it to others,” said Dr. Mohammad Khan, Medical Health Officer for the Kelsey Trail Health Region, “Proper hand washing with warm water and soap for at least 24-30 seconds is one of the most effective means of preventing the spread of communicable diseases.”

Visitors to D2 House are being restricted until further notice, with the exception of those visiting residents that are extremely ill. Individuals should check with the facility if they have any questions or concerns.

Post Author: Joanne Francis

Joanne Francis is the Editor and Journalist for Nipawin News