Tri-city Horticulture Society Offering A Donation to Horticultural Projects – Tips For Preparing for Winter

(Last Updated On: October 13, 2017)

Tri-city Horticulture Society Report by Lori Bradford, secretary

The Tri-city Horticulture Society would like to make a donation to a registered charity organization to be used for horticultural purposes.

Written proposals for funds may be sent by email to or mailed to Lori Bradford, Tri-city Horticulture Society Secretary, Box 3565, Nipawin, Sask. S0E 1E0

Winter will be here before you know it but you still have time to get your plants and trees ready.Clean up fallen leaves. Remove and destroy any diseased or insect-infested plant material. This will ensure a healthy start next spring. Don’t put diseased plants in your compost bin.

Water heavily until freeze up. This is especially important when the soil is dry from a summer with little rain.

New or young trees can be damaged by repeated heating and freezing or from bright sun reflecting off the snow and causing sunscald. If you wrap your trees with tree guards or burlap you can prevent damage. There are tree wraps designed to protect from rodent damage so if you think that rabbits or mice will be snacking on the bark of your trees then you will want to use that too.

During the winter remove the heavy wet snow from the tree branches to prevent them from breaking. Cover your tender shrubs with fresh snow. This will help protect them from repeated thawing and freezing. Don’t use hard snow or snow with de-icing salt in it. Snow provides moisture and protection.

The next Tri-city Horticulture Society meeting is on October 26th at 7pm at the United church in Nipawin. New members and interested people are always welcome.

Lori Bradford, secretary

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