Town of Nipawin’s new water treatment plant now operational

(Last Updated On: February 27, 2019)

NEW WATER TREATMENT PLANT IS NOW OPERATING – Town of Nipawin news release – Nipawin, Saskatchewan – February 27, 2019

Notice: The Town of Nipawin is pleased to inform the community that our new Water Treatment Plant is now operational. Conventional water treatment, which is similar to the treatment process provided by the old water treatment plant, is now being provided through the new plant.

Membrane demineralization, which is the portion of the treatment process that will further improve the water quality being provided, is not yet installed. The conventional water treatment process requires an adequate “commissioning period” before the secondary treatment process can be commissioned. This commissioning period ensures that all elements of the new plant are operating as designed and that all necessary fine-tuning of the system has been done in order to ensure a seamless integration of the secondary (demineralization) treatment process.

This also provides the operating staff with an opportunity to become familiar with the workings of the new plant. Close and continual monitoring of the water quality has always been done and this will continue as our dedicated professional staff continue to provide our community with safe and reliable supply of water. It is anticipated that the demineralization system will be operational later this year.

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Town of Nipawin
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