Town Of Nipawin Press Release: Tourism Services

(Last Updated On: May 2, 2019)

Town of Nipawin press release: Nipawin, Saskatchewan – April 11, 2019 – In response to a recent Nipawin Journal article, the Town of Nipawin hereby informs the public that, with the beginning of the upcoming tourist season, the Town is assuming direct responsibility for the delivery of tourism services within the Town of Nipawin.

The Nipawin & District Chamber of Commerce had been engaged by the Town to deliver visitor information services on behalf of the Town and it is recognized that their delivery of these services has been appreciated.

The process leading to this change began in 2012, when the Chamber was informed by the Town that its long-term lease of the town-owned Chamber site would not be renewed, and that it would instead be replaced by an annual lease agreement. The Chamber was informed at that time that this change was needed in order to accommodate future development plans that were being prepared for Central Park. These development plans have now been incorporated into the current Town of Nipawin Strategic Plan and work is progressing on incorporating new recreational services within the Central Park grounds.

This was not a sudden or hasty decision of Council and has, in fact, been discussed over some months with the Chamber when the direction was presented in the 2017-2021 Town Strategic Plan.

In consultation with Tourism Saskatchewan, it became very clear that increasingly there is a need for good data to ensure active and ongoing tourism. For some time now recording of data has been part of the Fee for Service deliverables that the Town requires in exchange for providing funding. Unfortunately, little clear data was provided to support continued funding.

A portion of the Council’s direction includes having the remainder of Central Park dedicated as a Municipal Reserve. This designation will ensure future developments and uses within this Park are limited to those identified under the Planning and Development Act, 2007 as being for public purposes. These types of uses include public parks/recreation areas, school purposes, natural areas, agricultural/horticultural uses and public buildings.

Because Chamber of Commerce operations are not deemed to be compatible with the approved uses within a Municipal Reserve, the Chamber operation is required to relocate.

Town of Nipawin’s 2017 to 2021 Strategic Plan

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