The Evolution of Harold’s Footwear, Apparel and Sporting Goods

(Last Updated On: August 16, 2019)

Harold’s/Schultz’s is a 3rd generation business starting with Richard Schultz (1944-1967) Richard carried family footwear, ready-made family clothing and a large display of fabrics and dry goods.

Harold Schultz started his department store in 1963 until 1987. Continuing with similar goods as Richard, but adding a formal and wedding dress section.

Thomas and June Schultz opened as Harold’s Sports Store in 1984. They started out with tackle, hockey, racquet sports and curling. As well as athletic apparel and running shoes for the family.

Harold’s has now evolved into a full family footwear and clothing store, adding a safety and work wear department and still carrying a sports department including pickle ball, racquet sports, basketball, soccer and hockey.

The business was expanded in September of 2017 with the opening of WestSide Casuals, expanding the items carried to a bull blue jean department and men’s and women’s casual clothing and footwear.

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Post Author: Joanne Francis

Joanne Francis is the Editor and Journalist for Nipawin News