The Beginning of Nipawin News

(Last Updated On: October 26, 2017)

Nipawin News brings you every kind of news coverage from Nipawin, Saskatchewan and the surrounding communities.

Nipawin News has been a service provided to the residents of Nipawin and area since February 25, 2015, sharing news stories for Nipawin & area on Facebook. While the Facebook group is a great way for everyone to connect and follow the news, it could not do the whole job. Too many news events went overlooked by the existing media outlets.

The demand from the residents in Nipawin and its surrounding communities for timely coverage of local news exceeded what was available to share with them. It was time for a new media outlet to serve the communities.

Local News

Nipawin News now offers the residents a source for purely local news. No national feeds, no google ads. Local news, events, sports, community and most importantly, local advertisers. Our coverage is focussed on what’s happening in Nipawin and the surrounding communities, you won’t see any national news or generic syndicated news feeds here!


Real-time weather from The Weather Network along with forecasts, warnings and extreme weather events from our own region.


Before, during and after! Local event calendar, announcements, and vital contact information will be followed up with event coverage and results. Event facilitators, commercial and non-profit, are encouraged to submit their event info and results.

Sports & Activities

Local sports events, outdoor recreational activities, and facility news will be covered. Sports and recreational organizations are encouraged to submit their news and updates as well as a calendar of events.



Business news is vital to the growth and success of both our community and our economy. Businesses with important announcements such as location changes, new product lines, or new business announcements are welcome to submit press releases or contact us with your news. Not sure if it’s news? Send it anyway!


Agricultural news from Nipawin area that focusses on our local producers, manufacturers, and suppliers.

Community Reports

Each community has the opportunity to send in news and community coverage. We welcome reports of community events, local happenings and general updates for residents. Use our contact form to submit community reports.

Lost & Stolen

If you are missing a pet or have a stolen vehicle you need to get the word out about, you can submit the information and we will publish it in a social media shareable format so the word can be spread quickly.


Wildfire news is often difficult to find. We will work hard during wildfire season to bring you as much detailed and up to date information as we can find.

Classified Ads

You can use the free classified ad service Trade Local to list your ads in the Nipawin region. You can easily view all ads in the province, region or by town, by selecting your location in the Trade Local web site options.

If you see news, tell us!

Post Author: Joanne Francis

Joanne Francis is the Editor and Journalist for Nipawin News