Tearing Fire Near Cumberland House Contained at 211 Hectares, New Fire Under Assessment South of Hudson Bay

(Last Updated On: May 9, 2018)

The fire southeast of Cumberland House, Saskatchewan, called 18HB-TEARING, has now been listed as Contained, with the last surveyed area reported to be 211 hectares.

The fire, which started on May 6th, 2018 and has been determined to be human cause, was tackled quickly and, aided by Tuesday’s light rain fall is now contained.

As of 9:00 am Wednesday, May 9th, 2018, there are currently 11 active wildfires in the province of Saskatchewan, with 8 being contained and 3 classed as ongoing assessment. To date there have been 104 wildfires, which is nearly double the 5 year average of 58. 101 of those fires are listed as Human caused, 2 are undetermined and 1 was started by lightening.

HUDSON BAY; Etomami Fire


Saskatchewan Wildfire management shows a new fire south of Hudson Bay started yesterday, Tuesday May 8th, that is classed as Ongoing Assessment. The 18HB-ETOMAMI fire is currently surveyed at 6.5 hectares and is also deemed to be a human caused fire.


Fire bans are currently in effect for many areas in the North East Saskatchewan region. You can view a list of fire bans announced recently here: Total Fire Ban Announced Due to Dry Conditions For Nipawin and Surrounding Communities or contact your municipal office or local fire department to check for bans in your area.


The Fire Weather Index indicates that most of the North East regions of Saskatchewan is currently at an Extreme risk rating. That rating is anticipated to expand further through the province tomorrow.

Weather forecasts show no sign of relief in sight, as warm temperatures with low possibility of precipitation is expected for the next week or two, peaking on Monday May 14th at a forecasted 29 degrees Celsius.

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Total Fire Ban Announced Due to Dry Conditions For Nipawin and Surrounding Communities

RM of Nipawin Fire Ban in Effect

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