Leko’s Conservation Corner – Hunting safety

Hunting season is rolling now. Many of the draw seasons have opened and before we know it people will be out trying to harvest a deer. As of October 1, the pheasant season is open. And, the rain in some parts of the province was a welcome sight, but we sure could use some more. Read more about Leko’s Conservation Corner – Hunting safety

Leko’s Conservation Corner – Wildfire Safety While Hunting & Some FAQ’s

Regular Column by Ministry of Environment Conservation officer Lindsey Leko

I recently had a chance to get out and talk to some farmers who were out on their combines trying to get this year’s crop off.

Currently, there are some draw mule deer and elk seasons open, and on September 15, the upland bird season opened for sharp-tailed grouse and partridge. The start of September saw the diehard waterfowl hunters hit the land to harvest ducks and geese. Don’t be surprised to see more land posted this fall restricting access until we get some significant moisture. Read more about Leko’s Conservation Corner – Wildfire Safety While Hunting & Some FAQ’s

Leko’s Conservation Corner – Raptor Identification

As harvest in the Nipawin area continues, farmers are graced with the enjoyment of an audience of raptors, patiently awaiting dinner that scrambles out from under the swaths. Ministry of Environment conservation officer Lindsey Leko’s column helps to identify just which species are dining as you work. “In Saskatchewan, we have four different types of raptors. These are owls, hawks, falcons, and eagles. It would be five if you included the turkey vulture. We have twelve different species of owls, five species of falcons, 10 species of hawks and two species of eagles in Saskatchewan. The more common falcons include the merlin and kestrel.”