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Here is a summary of what we cover and some ideas how the residents can contribute to Nipawin News


  • News – Nipawin News provides news coverage for White Fox, Codette, Choiceland, Carrot River, Love, Garrick, Cumberland House, Red Earth and areas in the Northeast region surrounding Nipawin.While focussed on Nipawin area, our news coverage also expands to our neighbouring communities and you will at times find articles relating to Tisdale, Melfort, Prince Albert and rural regions around, particularly those stories that have an impact on or a connection to Nipawin.What we don’t provide is coverage of provincial, national or international news stories because those stories are all readily available through mainstream news media outlets. Our focus is on the local news only.Nipawin News welcomes submissions of news tips, as well as reader submissions of articles. We can not guarantee publication of all stories and recommend you contact us to query prior to devoting time researching and writing your article.
  • Business – Nipawin News covers business news too, such as new developments, business start-ups, and expansions, relocations, and business by law news. Local business owners are welcome to send press releases or contact us with your business news.
  • Community – Our plan is to offer a local column for each community and Rural Municipality in the Northeast region.
    • Your Local News – Do you know someone who would like to submit weekly updates for their village, hamlet or RM? Encourage them to contact Nipawin News to find out how they can submit a community report.
    • Obituaries – Obituaries and In Memorium submissions are welcome
  • Events – Nipawin has many events, while we will cover many of them, we can’t attend them all. Submissions from event organizers are very helpful both before and after the events to keep residents up to date with what is going on in our area.
  • Sports – Local sports coverage covers all sports. Club and organizations are encouraged to submit write-up for their clubs with news and announcements.
  • Lost & Stolen – Whether you have lost an item or been hit by thieves, Nipawin News offers a venue to get the word out so members of your community can be on the lookout for your missing items. Please ensure any stolen items are reported to the RCMP prior to submitting to Nipawin News. Send us as much detail as you can about the missing item(s) including description, photos, when they were believed to be stolen, where they were taken from (what community or neighbourhood – not specific addresses).
  • Weather – Weather warnings, watches, and alerts will be shared. We encourage readers to submit their photos of extreme weather and weather related occurrences.
  • Editorial – Used sparingly when some things just need to be said.
  • Wildfires – Updates and articles for wildfire activity in the Northeast region. Submissions of photos, videos, and reports are welcome.
  • Free Classified Ads – At you will find our free classified ads. Trade Local serves all of western Canada, however, a simple selection of your location allows you to view only local ads.

Advertising Inquiries

Advertising opportunities on Nipawin News website are available and businesses wishing to advertise may contact us for details.


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