Spotlight On Nipawin: Matt’s No Frills Nipawin Opening Day a Huge Success

(Last Updated On: November 4, 2017)

On Friday November 3rd, at 9 am, Matt’s No Frills Nipawin held their Grand Opening in their newly renovated location on Railway Avenue. Nipawin Mayor Rennie Harper, Marlon Zacharias from Nipawin & District Chamber of Commerce and Ken Green representing the Salvation Army, joined Franchisees Matt Lebeau and Jacqueline Boswell along with No Frills District Manager Pierre Lloyd and John Binns, in charge of No Frills West, for a ribbon cutting ceremony and to welcome Nipawin shoppers to the new store. As part of the opening ceremony, Matt also presented a cheque for $1,000 to the Ken Green for the Nipawin Salvation Army for the Nipawin Food Bank.

The opening attracted a large crowd of Nipawin residents, who had many positive comments to make about the new store. People were quick to begin shopping, even before the ceremony ended and a lot of smiling faces could be seen up and down the aisles. Matt’s No Frills will continue to welcome residents to check out their store with their BIG SALE continuing on until Thursday November 9th, 2017. You can check out their flier on their Facebook page by following the link at the end of this article. (Don’t forget to like their page to get updates on upcoming sales!)

Matt’s No Frills Nipawin is a hard discount store, their motto “We won’t be beat” demonstrates their goal to be the cheapest in town. If anyone shows them a flyer item, they’ll match that price, as long as it’s local, and they have the same product.

“Show us the flyer and we’re going to match everyone on their prices … our goal is just make sure everyone has affordable groceries, put some more money back into their pocket and make things a little easier on people.” – Franchisee Owner and Manager Matt Lebeau on the No Frills price matching policy

In addition to their efforts to keep groceries affordable, Matt also emphasized No Frill’s focus on the highest quality produce and meats.

About Matt Lebeau & Jacqueline Boswell

Matt Lebeau began his career with No Frills in Ottawa at Hendrick’s No Frills where he fell in love with the company, the business and all the work entailed. He knew this was the right company for him. He went on to store development which is basically building and setting up stores, similar to what is currently happening here in Nipawin, and he did that for about three years. He then met someone who had become a franchisee of their own store and they needed a strong associate to work to help manage their store. He was a store manager in the Peace River No Frills for approximately two and a half years and the No Frills corporate office encouraged him to take on his own store. After continuing to manage another store for 2 more years, the opportunity came up for him to step into his own franchise in Nipawin, SK and he knew our town was the best spot for him.

Jacqueline Boswell, Matt’s partner, will be working by his side as co-owner, treasurer-secretary as well as meat department manager. In the interview Matt emphasized the important role Jacqueline plays in the success of the store, “She also looks after bakery, bulk, she knows cash, she’ll be everywhere in the store. We work great together, we’re an awesome team, shes fantastic I wouldn’t be able to do it without her 100%.

Having just moved here to Nipawin in September, Matt’s first impression of the town and residents is a positive one, “..already I feel the community has been great to me, everyone’s super friendly, really nice, its a great town.

Matt’s No Frills and the Nipawin Community

When asked if the donation to the Nipawin Food Bank is typical of the type of community involvement residents can expect to see from Matt’s No Frills in the future, Matt replied “I’m all about the community, I can’t wait to get to a hawks game as soon as it slows down here and just help where we can. In a week we have something called the PC Children’s Charity coming up and if we get enough money donated, I can put it back into the community here. ”  Matt cited how the last PC Children’s Charity fundraiser enabled the Battleford franchise to purchase a wheelchair accessible van for a family that couldn’t afford it. “It’s a great program and I’m all on board for that.

Matt encourages everyone to come to the store and introduce themselves and their organizations.  “I’ll be pretty much living here, I think I’m going to put a bed in the corner“, he said jokingly as he pointed to the corner of his office, “But I want everyone to come in and introduce themselves, I just want to be involved as much as I can and be a pillar

Matt will be attending the Nipawin & District Chamber of Commerce dinner coming up in a couple of weeks, local businesses owner and residents attending the dinner can also meet him there.

“Come in stop in, see me, if anyone has any problems voice your concerns and I’ll do my best to get everything sorted out, and if people are looking for specific items in the store, I’ll do my best to get whatever they are looking for in.” – Matt Lebeau

Post Author: Joanne Francis

Joanne Francis is the Editor and Journalist for Nipawin News