Solid Waste Management Study – RM of Torch River #488

(Last Updated On: November 9, 2018)

RM of Torch River #488 – The current cell at Garrick Landfill is quickly reaching capacity. Clifton Associates LTD was retained by the RM of Torch River to conduct sold waste management feasibility study to address the RM’s future waste management plans and infrastructure.

The landfills current permit to operate will expire July 1, 2019. The RM has completed geotechnical and Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (E.S.A.) in 2017.

We feel that given the many changes of environmental policies and the increasing costs associated with the compliances, we want to take your opinions into consideration regarding a decision on waste management.

Regardless of the option that is adopted, the RM needs a corrective action plan or monitoring plan to address the leachate discovered in historic cells during the 2017 Phase II E.S.A.

Currently, the landfill accepts residential waste from 2500 individuals throughout the RM. Appliances, concrete, construction waste, & clean burnable wood is separated into individual piles.

A 30 yard roll off recycling bin meets the RM needs. Recycling is contracted through MTN disposal from Nipawin.

There are no tipping fees at the landfill for individuals that haul their own residential waste. Appliances are charged $20 per unit and construction waste based on the size of the load. For ½ ton trucks and utility trailers there is a charge of $10, 3 ton and tandem trucks a charge of $50, and end dump trucks there is a charge of $100. The RM currently recoups some of the costs through taxes.

The RM of Torch River will be holding a Solid Waste Management Meeting on Thursday November 8th, 2018 at 7:30 pm at the Choiceland Elks Hall.

Below are some details about the options available to consider; 

  1. Expansion of the Current Landfill
  2. Solid Waste Transfer Station on Current Site
  3. Solid Waste Transfer Station on a New Site
  4. Join BARWA (Boreal Area Regional Waste Authorities)
  5. Contract with Greenland Waste of Prince Albert

Options to Review

RM of Torch River – Solid Waste Management Study

Join Boreal Area Regional Waste Authorities (B.A.R.W.A.)

  • Comprised of Town of Nipawin, RM of Nipawin, RM of Connaught, Codette, Aylsham, Resort Village of Tobin Lake
  • One time buy in cost to join. $150.00 per capita……$375,000.00
  • Annual operational fees. $100.00 per capita………….$250,000.00
  • Tipping fees of $100.00 per Ton or $300.00 per Ton for non-members
  • Contract for hauling MTN Bins
  • B.A.R.W.A. would take the compactor valued $90,000.00 to $130,000.00 against buy in cost.
  • This gives us a vote on the board
  • Can also spread buy in cost over 3 years

Other option

Greenland Waste from Prince Albert

They will place either 30 yard roll off containers for $275.00 per month plus tipping fees of $110.00 per month. They will also supply recycle bins, Crown Shred is contracted to recycle. Front load containers at $45.00 per month which can be shared with several neighbours plus the tipping fee $110.00 per month.

If you would like to voice your opinion on which direction the RM should take, with regards to the land fill, please call your division councillor.

Division 1 – Dale LaRose      306-812-0093
Division 2 – Lyle Lindbergh 306-862-6858
Division 3 – Peter Lubyk       306-980-7674
Division 4 – Ken Runn           306-276-8205
Division 5 – Rick Pickett       306-726-7669
Division 6 – Ken Rein           306-426-7997

Accepted items at the landfill or in the containers

●Regular or normal household waste
●Single stream recycling – place all recyclables loose into bins – newspapers, catalogues, paper, cardboard, telephone books, soup and beverage containers, and shredded paper in clear plastic bags

Accepted items delivered to the Landfill –Not in the bins- non-charge

• Metal – all types
• Washers, dryers, stoves, microwaves, furnaces, water heaters
• Hoses- hydraulic, suction, garden, sprayer
• Cords
• Wire – fencing
• Burnable wood – tree branches, clippings, leaves, garden waste, unpainted, non-treated
• Electronics- computer towers, stereos, satellites receivers, DVD players
• Mattresses, box springs, couches, love seats, chairs (may be considering a charge)

Items delivered to the landfill – Chargeable

• Freon items – refrigerators, deep freezes, water coolers, air conditions, humidifiers
• Constructions waste – insulation, OSB painted wood, treated wood, windows, siding, soffit, facia, concrete, shingles, flooring materials, house wrap

Items not accepted at the landfill

• Television, computer monitors, dirty oil containers, paint, aerosol paint, wood stain, tires tubes, grain bag material, bail twin
• Grain bags and baler twin can be taken to our grain bag recycle location

Editor’s Note: The information contained in this article is sourced from the Solid Waste Management Study Rural Municipality of Torch River #488 

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