Small Fire in the RM of Torch River, Alberta Wildfire Smoke

(Last Updated On: May 30, 2019)

A small fire just north of the Torch River in the RM of Torch River was detected on Monday, May 27th, 2019.

Saskatchewan Wildfire Management fire crews attended the fire, employing a bird dog (scout) plane, a water bomber and helicopter. With a neighbour’s water truck and assistance from friends, the landowner had attacked a good portion of the fire prior to the arrival of a wildfire ground crew.

The approximately 4 acre fire was located on private property after a permitted field burn had been conducted. The burn in the field had been completed and, though the land owner had created a fire break by discing all around the field perimeter, a hotspot at the edge of the burn is believed to have flared up and crept across the break into a small stand of young trees.

Tackling hot spots on a small fire in the RM of Torch River

With wildland fire crews gone, the landowner continued to monitor the site and tackle hot spots and small flair ups on Tuesday and Wednesday. The fire was listed as out by Saskatchewan Wildfire Management on Wednesday, though close monitoring by the landowner continues.

Alberta Fire Smoke

A smoky haze, coming from several northern Alberta fires, rolled across Saskatchewan earlier this week. According to FireSmoke Canada*, another concentration of smoke is anticipated to reach the Northeast region late Thursday afternoon or early evening, but is forecast to lessen Friday as the Alberta smoke gets pushed northward into the Northwest Territories.

At it’s peak smoke particles could reach 250 ppm and individuals with breathing problems are urged to use caution when planning outdoor activities.

*FireSmoke Canada provides smoke forecasts from wildland fires using the BlueSky Canada system. This system produces forecasts of hourly ground-level concentrations of smoke particles (PM 2.5) from wildfires up to 48 hours into the future. The forecast output is experimental and is subject to uncertainties that are inherent in weather forecasts, wildfire detection/emissions and smoke predictions.

Current Wildfires & Fire Conditions

As of Thursday, May 30th, 2019, according to Saskatchewan Wildfire Management, there is only one active fire in the province, located near La Loche. The fire is small, at 0.1 hectares and it classed as Contained.

This year to date, Saskatchewan Wildfire Management has recorded 100 fires, which is down from the 5 year average of 167 wildfires by May 30th of the year.

The Fire Weather index for the province of Saskatchewan rates almost all of the southern and central portions of the province as extreme fire hazard though small portions in the northeast have dropped from extreme to high since Wednesday’s forecast.

Fire Bans – As of May 30th 2019

PROVINCIAL – There are no active provincial fire bans in Saskatchewan.

PARKS – Campfire restrictions may be put in place for specific provincial parks and recreation sites, based on local conditions. More information can be found at Tourism Saskatchewan.

MUNICIPAL/NATIONAL – Municipalities, regional, and national parks may also ban open burning in their areas of responsibility. Check with your local authority to find out if there are burning restrictions in place for your area or where you plan to travel.

View the list of municipal fire bans that have been reported to the Controlled Burn Line.Wildfire in Saskatchewan – Fire Bans

Report a Wildfire
Call 1-800-667-9660 or 911

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