Do You Listen to Sirius XM Radio?

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2017)

I do. We have Sirius XM radios in our vehicles, in our shop, even in our equipment. We even have a Sirius XM home base we can plug our portable receivers into and listen to the satellite radio service in our home.

It’s great, you can choose from so many stations and listen to exactly what kind of music you prefer. I used to think that’s all I wanted out of my car stereo, the tunes I love to hear. I’ve reached the point that if I don’t like the song playing I just hit one of my favorites presets and find something else. I’m the proverbial annoying person with the remote control surfing channels when everyone else just wants me to pick something and be done with it.

What I don’t like about listening to satellite radio, as is with satellite TV, is the disconnection from my own community. I am missing what’s happening in my own town and the area around us.

But, to be brutally honest, I’ve been spoiled by the ability to choose the music I listen to. If you are like me you may have, on occasion tuned into our local radio station to find a song you don’t like playing. I have CJNE 94.7 preset in my FM band of my car stereo. I will switch from XM to FM radio to see what’s playing. If I don’t like it I go back to XM, chuckling because only on The Storm can you hear Puff The Magic Dragon followed by AC/DC!

One day I happened to be tired of the Netflix style search for what’s good and just let the songs play. While the odd one made me turn the radio down, I began to feel like a whole new world had opened up to me. The “songs I liked” to the “songs I didn’t” ratio was not what I expected. 10 songs would play and I actually enjoyed 8 of them. After listening some more I found it was worth waiting for one song to finish because there would be 3 or 4 good ones to follow.

I had gotten it in my head because random tune ins had not sounded enjoyable,  that listening to the local radio station was, in itself, not enjoyable. I could never have been more wrong.

CJNE is a music station, primarily. They play a wide range of music to appeal to many different listeners. But listening to The Storm has opened up so much more for me. Local news, weather, and best of all, local advertisers. I honestly never realized just how many local businesses advertise on the radio. Listening to The Storm this morning I hear auction listings from Rick McAuley Auctions, a KFC special, Nipawin Farmer’s Market, info from Duplex Furniture just to name a few.

In this day and age of everything digital, it’s easy to be distracted by what is offered to us on our computers and through our smart phones. We are bombarded with news, real and fake, tasteless memes, and maybe one too many kittens falling off of couches. Our Facebook feeds are overrun with ads provided to us because Facebook has snooped into our browsing history to display things we just viewed on eBay moments ago. It can be downright creepy in that stalker kinda way.

Listen to the local radio and the ads are set, same ads for everyone. They don’t need to track every page you visit on the internet. They already know what their listeners want to hear, local businesses and all they have to offer us.

The news is what we want to hear. What happens here at home, what happens that affects us directly. Most of all what is real, verified news. No click bait, no propaganda. I really don’t care if Trump was overheard demanding a steak in a pancake house. I am tired of hearing that a school in Ontario is standing up to demands from special interest groups to remove pork from their menu (seriously, it’s fake).

Truly the coolest thing though is the rewind feature on the app. Miss a phone number on the Storm Shopper? You can rewind and hear it again after you grab your pen!

So now that I have you wondering, why not give it a try?

You can listen to CJNE 94.7 FM The Storm in many ways;

  • On your car radio for those who have factory installed XM, simply use the Mode option to switch from Satellite Radio to FM and tune into 94.7 FM.
  • If you use a portable Sirius receiver, just add 94.7 FM to one of your radio presets and you can switch from the XM receiving station to CJNE with one push of the button
  • On your computer at home or your laptop on the go, got to CJNE’s website and click on the link “Listen Live”
  • On your smart phone, you can download the free app TuneIn. Go to the CJNE mobile website and tap “Listen Live”. It will direct you how to download the app. For those who are “technologically challenged” click here for a step by step guide to downloading the app.
  • On your Smart TV, just go to the App feature on your Smart TV and search for TunedIn. Once it’s installed, you will find CJNE FM under local radio stations(Internet connection required).
  • On SaskTel Max, tune and listen live to CJNE on channel 863


Post Author: Joanne Francis

Joanne Francis is the Editor and Journalist for Nipawin News