SaskParty Leader Candidate Scott Moe Stops in Nipawin

(Last Updated On: October 11, 2017)

On Tuesday, October 10th, Saskatchewan Party Leader candidate and Rosthern-Shellbrook MLA Scott Moe, accompanied by Carrot River Valley MLA Fred Bradshaw, met with some Nipawin residents to talk about his run for party leader and answer questions. 

While turn out was low, some local residents asked some questions vital to our local economy as well as the province as a whole. Issues such as Energy East, Carbon Taxes, PST and the SaskPower grid were discussed in detail. Mr Moe addressed these issues in detail and emphasized the work he has done and will continue doing such as his assurance of No Carbon Taxes, revisions of to the PST and a very strong initiative to build Saskatchewan’s economy through export and expanding Saskatchewan’s markets. Mr Moe also explained his commitment to a balanced budget.

When asked what, aside from the current key issues discussed, he felt was in store for the future of the province, Mr. Moe responded; “…the vision that I have for Saskatchewan is a bigger, better reflection of what we are and what we have been the last decade. What drives that is the opportunity we have to increase the sale of our products, of our agricultural products, our manufacturing goods, our energy products, our forestry products and our mining products. If we can increase the value of those products that we export to countries all around the world it provides us a greater opportunity in the way of careers, just more careers in the province and in our communities such as Nipawin. … As those careers open up, whether it be in the timber industry, whether it be in the agricultural field, maybe in the processing industry, the agricultural food processing industry. We then have the opportunity for people to choose to move here from other parts of Canada, North America or even around the world. We’ve seen that over the last number of years. I think just as important or more important than that is that it also provides the opportunity for our children to choose a career in the community they were raised in, or in another community across the province of Saskatchewan. Our population growth here in our province of Saskatchewan and in our communities is driven by our exports , as the businesses that operate here are involved in exporting themselves or they are servicing someone that is.

After his meeting in Nipawin, Scott headed to Carrot River Pioneer Place to speak with the residents there.

You can find out more about Scott Moe and his policies on his website 


Post Author: Joanne Francis

Joanne Francis is the Editor and Journalist for Nipawin News