RM of Torch River Release Official Statement Regarding Council Resignations and Code of Ethics Complaints

(Last Updated On: January 15, 2018)

RM of Torch River Media Release – December 8, 2017
With the recent resignation of 2 councillors and the reeve, it is understandable that as concerned citizens you have questions.

  • Tyler Shymanski resigned as Division 5 councillor effective October 14, 2017
  • Louise Nicklen resigned as Reeve effective November 10, 2017
  • Michelle Fox-Waddington resigned as Division 4 councillor effective November 14, 2017

We can confirm that the council has received 3 separate code of ethics complaints of council members.

The first 2 complaints were received at the October 13, 2017 meeting and the 3rd complaint was received at the November 10, 2017 council meeting.

When we are elected as council members by the people, each council member signs an oath that states that they will comply with the code of ethics, rules of conduct and procedures that are imposed by the Municipalities Act and any other Act and by the council.

When there are perceptions and alleged accusations of conflict of interest it is something that we feel must be investigated.

The council chose to refer the matter of the code of ethics complaints and alleged conflict of interest to solicitor Neil Robertson to have a non-partisan legal opinion. The investigation will take some time to conclude and once a report is received, the council will consider implementing any recommendations.

We hope that you will respect the sensitivity and confidentiality of this matter.

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