Report On Armley Corner Intersection Review Released

(Last Updated On: December 12, 2018)

A traffic engineering review into safety at the intersection of Highways 35 and 335 is complete and the final report is now publicly available.

Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure, December 12, 2018 –The purpose of the study was to review the geometric, collision, traffic and human factor characteristics of the intersection, identify any issues that could increase the risk of collisions at the intersection and recommend improvements that may reduce those risks.

The review was commissioned in the aftermath of the tragic accident involving the Humboldt Broncos this past April in which 16 people lost their lives and another 13 were injured.

See: Humbolt Broncos accident

Government’s standard practice is to conduct an internal traffic engineering review following any fatal collision on the provincial highway system.  Given the seriousness of this collision and the significant attention paid to it, the Ministry of Justice commissioned an independent consulting engineer to conduct the review.

The report made 13 recommendations to improve the overall safety of the intersection.  The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure will implement all 13 recommendations, reconfirming the previous government commitment to implement all recommendations resulting from the review.

INTERSECTION SAFETY REVIEW Summary of Recommendations

(Summary of Improvements, Improvement Consultant Cost Estimate, Consultant Recommended Time Frame, Ministry Time Frame)

Various sign‐related enhancements – $15,000‐$18,000    Short      Winter 2018‐19

Install “Stop” and “Stop Ahead” pavement markings – $1,500, Short, Winter, 2018‐19

Tree removal on private property – TBD Medium TBD

Construct new roadside memorial access road – TBD Medium TBD

Remove gravel road – $20,000   Medium TBD

Install railway signals on breakaway bases (if required) – $6,000 Short Winter 2018‐19

Install light standards on breakaway bases (if required) – $4,000 Short Winter 2018‐19

Mill rumble strips on Highway 335 approaches – $300,000 Short Summer 2019

Install larger “Stop” and “Stop Ahead” signs – $3,000 Short Winter 2018‐2019

Paint solid center line on Highway 35 and Highway 335 – $1,500 Short Winter 2018‐10

Realign grain elevator access to Highway 335 – $250,000 Long With roadside memorial access

Widen shoulders – $400,000 per km Long With next repaving project

Realign power lines – Unknown Long TBD

Since this issue is before the courts, the Government of Saskatchewan will not comment further on the report.

In order to inform the public of the report’s review and recommendations, the Government of Saskatchewan waives litigation privilege with respect to the report itself, but reserves all other claims of privilege.

View the complete report here

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