RCMP Saskatchewan – Dore Lake Recovery of Missing Snowmobiler.

(Last Updated On: May 4, 2018)

On April 30 at approximately 8:30 pm, the Green Lake RCMP received a report of a missing snowmobiler on Dore Lake in Northern Saskatchewan. A local resident was seen driving across the ice in the afternoon by a witness, who then lost sight and the sound of the snowmobile.

The ice in the lake was starting to get weak around the shoreline and the fear was the snowmobiler had not made it to shore safely.

The Witness fearing the worst, called other local residents to check the home of the snowmobiler. The snowmobiler could not be located.

The RCMP was then contacted that evening. A set of tracks were located going on to the ice of Dore lake, but not coming off.

At that time the search could not be continued due to darkness. The local Saskatchewan Conservation officers were contacted to assist in the search.

The members of the Big River SERM office flew a drone over the lake the next day and located the deceased body of the missing snowmobiler in the water near the shore line the next day.

With the assistance of the Emergency Management and Fire safety members the body was recovered and identified as the missing snowmobiler.

RCMP Communications Unit – Released Friday may 4th, 2018

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