North East SPCA Warns of Misleading Fundraiser

(Last Updated On: October 2, 2017)

The North East SPCA is warning area residents that they have no affiliation with a recent calendar campaign apparently being promoted by PETA. Recently a concerned supporter had brought it to their attention that they had received a mailed out promotion to buy fundraising calendars titled “2017 Annual Melfort Area Calendar Campaign”, appearing to have been sent from PETA offices in Toronto, Ontario. The supporter did not respond to the promotion and recently received a follow-up letter stating they had not received her donation yet.

The North East SPCA has no affiliation with the promotion and wanted to ensure residents are aware that they will not receive any of the funds raised from the campaign. While the promotion does not imply NESPCA is connected, the reference to Melfort could cause some confusion for local supporters.

Further investigation shows that PeTA, according to their website, does not operate any offices in Canada. PeTA also does not incorporate the capitol “E” when spelling their name in their advertising and promotions. Area residents who may have received the promotion should contact their local RCMP as potential fraud.

Does PETA have an office in Canada?

Right now, we are unable to open an office in Canada, but we are quite active there and have a dedicated activist network. We frequently work with Canadian groups and organize numerous vegetarian, fur, circus, and other demonstrations in Canada, just as we do in the U.S – Quote source: PeTA Official website

Area residents wishing to support our local animal shelter and rescue efforts can follow the NESPCA’s facebook page and participate in the many fundraisers they work hard to put on right here in Northeast Saskatchewan.

PETA, People for The Ethical Treatment of Animals, is a US-based animal rights organization whose focus is on lobbying and massive marketing campaigns. PETA does not run any animal shelters or rescues in Canada and only operates one in the US which, as of 2016, only adopted out 2.9% of the 1,963 animals it took in. 57 were adopted, 478 were transferred to be taken care of by other agencies and 1,411 were euthanized.

North East Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is a non-profit organization based in Melfort and serving the Northeast region including Nipawin.

Post Author: Joanne Francis

Joanne Francis is the Editor and Journalist for Nipawin News