Nipawin Residents Showing Support for New Media

(Last Updated On: August 21, 2018)

On August 6, 2017, I made a post in the Facebook group, Nipawin News, venting my frustrations over the difficulties I and other area residents have finding local news stories. Nearly 20 years ago I had left the media industry and I honestly never thought I would return to it, but it had become clear to me that there was room for another, more modern, form of news coverage for Nipawin and all the communities in Nipawin’s trade area.

When I made that decision to go ahead with Nipawin News as a new media outlet less than 4 weeks ago, I had no idea just how busy I would be. What is published in other media is only a drop in the bucket of the potential news stories from Nipawin and area. Honestly, I could keep several reporters working full time with the number of leads I have generated in the past few weeks. After 20 years in “retirement” from journalism, it is a bit of a re-learning curve for me so everyone bear with me as I get organized and running smoothly. 

I built a temporary test market version of the Nipawin News web site which went public on August 8th, 2017. Response from Nipawin and area residents exceeded my expectations with the two-week run drawing 4,986 visitors who viewed 6,481 articles.  With site traffic of over 350 users a day, with nearly 100% from the Northeast region, I deemed the test market a success and worked quickly to build the new permanent home of Nipawin News.

Many hours went into fine-tuning the new website, and with over 85% of those users on mobile devices, I worked towards a better experience for those following Nipawin News on their cell phones. Although those changes proved to be successful, I continue to work towards an even better mobile experience for visitors to Nipawin News.

On August 24th, 2017, the temporary version of Nipawin News was migrated to it it’s new permanent domain Nipawin.News and, with no loss of visitors, the transition was smoothly executed to continue providing quality news coverage to the Northeast. Since the switch to the new website less than 10 days ago, Nipawin News has seen over 600 site visitors a day viewing in excess of 800 articles. With double the traffic and the numbers of articles read, one month into the launch of our new media outlet, the community has made it abundantly clear that they want, need, and support Nipawin News.

Going Beyond the Internet

One of the driving factors to the success of the Nipawin News launch has been the partnership I’ve formed with our local radio station CJNE FM 94.7 The Storm. Working together, The Storm and Nipawin News is striving to bring our community together by sharing the news, news tips and giving area residents more ways to get quality, relevant local news. In addition to news stories published on the web site, you can listen to Nipawin News at 9 am and noon on CJNE FM. On your radio, your cell phone, even on your smart TV, local news stories are at your finger tips thanks to this unique partnership. This partnership has been made possible by the support of White Fox’s newest business, Natural Healing Clinic White Fox whose sponsorship of Nipawin News at 9 and Noon ensures radio coverage of quality local news for the Northeast region.

Where Do We Go From Here?

I will continue to develop the web site to serve every need area residents could possibly have. To do so I need help from everyone in the community. My goal is to publish everything from the news that appeals to the masses but also to special interest groups, for community events and recognition of the residents of our great community. I would like to see regular columns filled with reader submitted news, club reports and a wide range of information about everything that makes Nipawin the great town that it is. Sports reports, village news, arts events, business announcements, and even local history stories will be welcomed on Nipawin News.

That’s where you come in… while I welcome news tips, story ideas, and information that will allow me to research and publish articles, I also strongly encourage anyone interested to submit written articles and reports. As a new startup, I can’t offer remuneration yet, but what I can do is help you promote your club, community or business in return for your contributions.

Over the next few months, I will be announcing many great features and columns. Be sure to follow our Facebook Page to see our announcements in your Facebook feed!

Nipawin News is Free – No Subscription is Required To Read the News – Will it always be that way?

Absolutely! Access to Nipawin.News will never be restricted to only those willing to pay a subscription fee. To do so would defeat the very mission of my business, to provide quality, relevant local news and information to all residents in Northeast Saskatchewan.

Clearly, running Nipawin News is a full-time job, in fact, to maintain its success, I will eventually need to hire as the site continues to grow. Without subscription fees, as a way to keep the web site going and allow me to continue to work at it full time, I must monetize through display advertising. I have developed advertising options for local businesses that will enable me to devote myself full time to researching and writing the news. Online ads will cater to any budget, allowing all local businesses the opportunity to take advantage of the growing readership on Nipawin News.

Advertising on Nipawin News will be just as the content, exclusive to Northeast Saskatchewan. You will never see Google Ads or sketchy ad feed services. Only local news, only local ads.

You can learn more about the type of advertising available on our Advertising page. For rates please use the contact form on the Advertise page.

Thank you to Nipawin and the Northeast readers and businesses for your continued support!


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Post Author: Joanne Francis

Joanne Francis is the Editor and Journalist for Nipawin News