Nipawin News Salutes All of Our Heros – Past and Present

(Last Updated On: November 8, 2017)

On Saturday, November 11th, 2017, we salute all of those who have served our country. Thank you for your dedication and the sacrifices you have made for us.

As we observe Remembrance Day, no articles will be published by Nipawin News until after 12:00 noon on Saturday.

For those who appreciate tributes, I hope you appreciate these ones as much as I do.

About the Feature Image: This is my own Great Aunt, Mary Morrison (Stewart) Park. Daughter of John Chalmers Stewart and Sarah McColl (Pennycook) Stewart, born in 1910 in Scotland. Aunt Mary was a nurse for the Red Cross during WW2. On August 7 1942, the hospital she was working in was bombed. Aunt Mary, along with other nurses and doctors, managed to make several trips in and out of the building to get patients to safety. Unfortunately, on their final trip to save more patients, the building was bombed again, taking their lives. – Joanne Francis, Editor

Leonard Cohen recites “In Flanders Fields” by John McCrae | Legion Magazine (2015)

Standing Strong and True (For Tomorrow) (2010)

An all-star Canadian country single dedicated to fallen Canadian soldiers and their families.

Music video Produced by Fahrenheit Films. Director/Editor: Antonio Hrynchuk. Cinematographer: Ray Dumas. Producers: Hrynchuk / Susan Busse.

Behind the Scenes

A tribute to our military by Mack Graphics, Music by Disturbed, “Sound Of Silence” 

Post Author: Joanne Francis

Joanne Francis is the Editor and Journalist for Nipawin News