Nipawin News Announcement Re: COVID-19 & Local Coverage

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2020)

As our community is thrown into an unprecedented crisis and we are bombarded with news and information from all across the country, I am sorely disappointed in the lack of local coverage specific to Nipawin and area, as well as important provincial updates.

As many of you are aware, I have not been publishing for the past couple of months due in part to problems with the website that are beyond my capabilities, and require resources I don’t have, to fix.

I have done my best and I am now going to attempt to provide Nipawin and the surrounding communities with as much coverage as I possibly can.

Please understand that, as part of my limited resources, Nipawin News is on a shared server, and given that most of North America is at home working or surfing the internet, my already slow site is likely to be even slower and may experience outages beyond my control.

I have published one article to test my “fixes”, if the past problems persist then I will implement a drastic fix, one which may remove past articles temporarily and will likely cause a lot of broken links. I will address both issues as fast as I can

I ask for your patience, and if possible, your support.

Ways you can help me:

  • I will be publishing as much as I can, if your organization, church, business or municipality has important COVID-19 updates to share, you can help me by sending the information by email to . Please do not send massive attachments because they can fill my mailbox too fast. The more information you provide the better, pre-written ready to publish information is going to get out faster
  • You can spread the word and encourage those who may not be on Facebook to send me their updates
  • You can print off articles for friends and family members who may not have internet access
  • You can call those friends and family members to make sure they are up to date on any important information
  • You can help with resources by visiting the website and contributing via paypal if you can

I thank all in advance for helping me provide as extensive as possible coverage to help our community pull together and get through this.

Feature Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Post Author: Joanne Francis

Joanne Francis is the Editor and Journalist for Nipawin News