Nipawin Company Pleads Guilty To Two Counts Under OH&S Legislation

(Last Updated On: May 15, 2018)

A Nipawin company pleaded guilty to two counts under Occupational Health and Safety legislation in Swift Current Provincial Court on May 9, 2018.

Ridgewood Ranch Inc. (operating as Ridgewood Construction) pleaded guilty to:

  • contravening section 3-40 of The Saskatchewan Employment Act (fail to comply with a direction made pursuant to Section 3-40 of The Saskatchewan Employment Act that if an occupational health officer is of the opinion that a contravention of this Part or the regulations made pursuant to this Part involves or may involve a risk to the health or safety of a worker, the occupational health officer may direct in the notice of contravention that any activity to which the notice of contravention relates shall not be carried on after the period specified in the notice or until the contravention specified in the notice has been remedied, whichever occurs first); and
  • contravening clause 108(2)(a) of the regulations (fail to, where a worker is required to work at a place from which the worker could fall and drown, and the worker is not protected by guardrail, provide the worker with a life jacket and ensure that the worker uses it, and ensure that the rescue equipment and personnel described in subsection (3) are readily available).

The company was fined $2,500 plus a $1,000 surcharge. Three other charges were withdrawn in court.

Charges stem from a worksite inspection on March 29, 2016, near Val Marie. An Occupational Health Officer observed workers who were not using a guardrail, life jacket, or a full-body harness with a lifeline or net while working near water. A notice of contravention had previously been issued and was not complied with.

A notice of contravention is a formal enforcement tool used by Occupational Health Officers. A notice of contravention requires an employer take corrective action by a specified date.

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Labour Relations and Workplace Safety – Released on May 15, 2018

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