Nipawin Chase The Ace Week 8

(Last Updated On: November 18, 2017)

Congratulations to Sharlene Serhan on winning this week 8’s 20% of $452!! Sharlene drew the 5 of clubs so our Ace stays hidden!! Our jackpot will grow next week from $5,886!!
We would like to send a great big thank you out to our local Kinsmen group! Taso Gliatis’ smoked brisket was awesome and we very much appreciated the donation of the total proceeds at $1,000 back towards the renovations!!
Thanks everyone for coming out and see you all next week!


Thanks to Nipawin Kinsmen putting on supper at the Legion! Taso Gliatus, of Venice House, is a Kinsmen member and helped the fellas put on a smoked brisket sandwich, baked bean and coleslaw supper

SK Lottery License # LR17-0044

The Nipawin Chase the Ace Sponsor for November is Kevin’s Custom Ag Ltd, providing top-quality farming, landscaping, and forestry equipment lines with a full-service and manufacturing facility.

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