Nipawin Chase The Ace

Nipawin Chase The Ace Week 17 Winner

(Last Updated On: January 20, 2018)

Erin Howitt should buy some scratch tickets, luck struck again with her second win on week 17!
She took home the nights 20% of $752 but drew the 5 of spades so next week we will build the jackpot from $13,104!!

Дякую (thank you) to the Veselii Dance club for a great meal and a great performance!!

Better luck to you all next week!

Next weeks jackpot will grow from $13,104.00 and supper will be supplied by Venice House menu to include Greek Riblets, baked potato and Caesar salad.


Nipawin Chase The Ace

SK Lottery License # LR17-0044

Thanks also to Pineland COOP for sponsoring our sign changes for the month of Jan!

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