Nipawin Chase the Ace – Week 13

(Last Updated On: December 31, 2017)

Our week 13 winner, taking home the 20% at $384 is Irene Detbrenner!
It’s taken a over a year but dedication sure paid off for this win! Thanks Irene for your continued support buying tickets and congrats on the long awaited win!!!

Also, thank you for not drawing the Ace of Spades!! Irene came as close as she could pulling the 2 of spades…… but close doesn’t cut it for our jackpot!!!!

Big thanks again to Just For You catering for putting on supper.

Next week our jackpot will build from $9,420 and we should be close to breaking 10k!!

Merry Christmas to all! Be safe over the holidays

See you all next week!! (Nipawin Chase The Ace)

SK Lottery License # LR17-0044

The Nipawin Chase the Ace Sponsor for December is Nipawin Dent Repair – Paintless Dent Repair

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