Nipawin Bridge Update – Aug 21, 2019 – Asphalt work

(Last Updated On: August 29, 2019)

Update August 23rd, 2019 – The switch from using the current lane for live traffic is anticipated to happen by this Saturday. A spokesperson** for the bridge contractor says there will be few quick traffic stops during this switch. However, they intend to keep the traffic stops to less than 20 minutes. Once the change of live lanes is complete, drivers will have the smooth, newly paved eastbound lane to use and work will continue on the westbound lanes.

Nipawin, SK – Work on the Nipawin bridge near Nipawin, SK on Highway 55 is progressing as crews have completed the preparation of the concrete base in the west bound lane and are now on to laying asphalt in that lane.

They will be paving on the bridge during the following days:
• Wednesday, August 21st 7:00am – 5:30pm
• Thursday, August 22nd 7:00am – 5:30pm

Motorists using the bridge can expect delays Wednesday and Thursday, throughout both days as well as increase construction traffic as the asphalt is brought onto the site. Delays may occur and shouldn’t exceed 15 minutes, according to the site media release.

The traffic lights will still be cycling as usual, though crews will be relying on gaps in traffic to use the live lane to get in and out of the work area. While red light running has been an ongoing problem for the bridge crew, it is even more important to take extra care not to try to “catch up”. Stop and wait, someones life could depend on it.

During the reconstruction of bridge, traffic delays build frustration and running the red lights is common. Drivers should be aware that fines triple in construction zones in Saskatchewan.

For the record… the white pickup obeyed the red light and stopped.
Bright news for the days ahead

While the work has taken longer than anticipated, travelers should be relieved to know the crews will soon be switching lanes, to work on the south lane. That means that the newly paved side will become the active lane for traffic and the dips, potholes and drains will no longer contribute to slow traffic resulting in missed traffic lights for waiting opposing traffic.

Unfortunately, its going to feel like a superhighway in that lane, compared to how its been for those crossing the bridge. The speed limit will still be 30 KM/H over the bridge deck and drivers are asked to resist the temptation to speed, even if they do not see workers present. Even after hours, when the crews have gone for the day, unexpected hazards can still exist.

** Editor’s note; The “spokesperson” for the bridge contractor refers to an undisclosed source supplying updates to the Town of Nipawin who, in turn, supply press releases of those updates

Post Author: Joanne Francis

Joanne Francis is the Editor and Journalist for Nipawin News