New Nipawin Pharmacy Offers Locally Owned Option

(Last Updated On: August 22, 2019)

Centre St Drugs, Nipawin, SK – For Cory and Lisa Lang, the decision to leave the bustling world of corporate retail pharmacy for an independent practice came from the very foundation of their training – caring for people. 

And they know how! The Langs brought to Nipawin 22 years of collective clinical pharmacy practice experience, having worked with some of the country’s experts in fields such as general medicine, kidney health, cardiology, pain management and palliative care. This education and experience has allowed them to become a trusted resource to citizens and healthcare providers of Nipawin and surrounding area for over 5 years.

Centre St Drugs, Nipawin, SK – Full service pharmacy

I chose this career because I love healthcare!” explains Lisa.  “Often, in a busy retail pharmacy, there is very little opportunity for Pharmacists to be involved in a person’s care the way that we have been trained to.  When you are expected to fill three or four hundred prescriptions a day, it is hard to find time for the important conversations, to give advice and advocate for people with their other healthcare providers.  We wanted to do things differently”. 

Centre St Drugs products include supplements, braces and first aid, compression stockings, mobility aids

Centre St Drugs is a cozy, clinic style pharmacy offering a full range of all the over-the-counter products necessary to care for your family. And along with the products, is the advice. “We’re hoping to show Nipawin what a Pharmacist can do for them!” says Lisa.  “With Pharmacists’ ability to prescribe for things such as urinary tract infections, birth control, chronic heartburn, and shingles flares, there is no longer the need to spend hours waiting in an emergency department for non-emergent ailments. Your pharmacist can be your first-line healthcare resource, with the knowledge to refer you on to your physician or emergency care when it is necessary”.

Services like medication reviews with your pharmacist, injection services, annual flu shots, daily delivery and compliance packaging

So ask yourself “What does your relationship with your pharmacist look like?  And what do you want it to be?”  It should be more than them handing you a bag of medications and sending you on your way. At Centre St Drugs, they are “making time to care”.

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FAQs about Centre St Drugs:

                What is Remedy’sRx?

Remedy’sRx is a “banner”.  Most pharmacies operate under a banner, which is similar to a franchise, allowing buying power of products. Centre St Drugs is independently and locally owned and operated.

                Do I need a gym membership to come to the pharmacy?

No. Centre St Drugs shares a common front entrance with Peak Fitness and CBI Healthcare, whom all operate independently within the same building.

                Can I have my medications packaged or delivered?

Definitely.  Delivery is available any day of the week; and a variety of compliance packaging is available at no charge to help keep you on track.

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