New Job Board Just One of The New Features For Nipawin & Area Residents

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2018)

As I mentioned at the start of the year, I have many plans to make Nipawin News bigger and better. While some of the ideas of where to go from here did not turn out to be feasible, it hasn’t stopped me from keeping going and constantly work to improve my web site. 

One big step was migrating to a secure server, allowing for safe user registration. As a result three key features can now be offered, Local Jobs, customized Newsletters and Event management options.


The new Job Posting feature will allow Nipawin and area businesses to quickly and easily post and maintain job listings.

Businesses who have supported Nipawin News (advertisers) within the calendar year of the job posting, will be able to post unlimited jobs at no cost.

Businesses who have not supported Nipawin News yet will be able to pay a one time fee ($5) for a single posting or opt for an annual fee ($30) for unlimited job postings.

To get started posting your job opportunities employers can go here: Post a Job

  • If you are a Nipawin News Supporter your posting will be approved at no cost.
  • If you are not yet a Nipawin News Supporter, you will receive an email with your payment options.

The job feature has been set up with just the basics to start. As it gets used I will be able to ad many extra tools within it to make it even better!


Nipawin News has hundreds of subscribers who, until now, have only had the option to be notified as each new article is published by email. On days when 10+ articles are published, that can get really annoying. I know because I subscribe too, so that I don’t forget what it is like to get a dozen emails from one site in a day.

With the implementation of the new secure server, I can now offer multiple options for email subscriptions.

Nipawin News readers will be able to choose how often they get their emails (for free);

  • Instant notifications as each article is published or,
  • daily digest of the day’s articles or,
  • weekly highlights.

But the subscriptions will offer even more customized options. Move up to a paid subscription and you will be able to fine tune what emails you get even further.

For instance, you may want daily or weekly email summaries of all published articles, however you may wish to get instant notifications on categories important to you. So if you live in Smeaton, you may only want a weekly email highlighting articles, but you can still get instant notification of articles that are about Smeaton.

While the instant, daily and weekly subscriptions will remain free, the customized options will be a nominal fee starting as low as $1 a month.


The current event calendar requires event facilitators to submit information through a simple form on the website. Few people do and tend to send private messages asking for events to be submitted. Extensive amount of time is spent by me searching for the full details of the event so that it can be included.

The new option will permit people to submit their events directly to the calendar, which will also remain a free service.

Additional options will also be available soon, such as the ability to take your reservations and bookings directly on the site.

But fear not! I know that many are not comfortable with technology, and assistance will be available if your group or club does not have a computer savvy volunteer to handle it for you.

Business Events such as sales and time limited promotions will also be getting an option to be posted in the calendar which, similar to the job postings will be free for current year supporters (advertisers). Some restrictions and limitations will apply to business event listings.


I know what you are thinking… how about more local news? I’m with you on that aspect, Nipawin News needs to provide more coverage of local news. Council, events, policing, human interest stories, just to name a few.

These paid features are vital to me being able to do that for you. My time, equipment and expenses need to be covered in order for me to be able to bring you more local news. While it may appear writing articles are just a matter of time, there are many hidden expenses. My time aside, if I wish to report on council meetings and activities, there are things as simple as fuel to get there. Some records I require to properly research an issue come with fees attached, while usually small copy or admin fees, they all add up. In addition to the little things that ad up, I have all the costs that other businesses do, like business licensing and insurance.

I want to create opportunities – support from readers and businesses will allow me to offer fair payment to local freelance journalists, which in turn will expand our local news coverage. It also allows me to hire my marketing coordinator full time to work with local businesses to help them get the most value out of their support of Nipawin News.

Giving back to the community – with enough community support, Nipawin News will be able to give back to our non profits in more than just event listings and articles. I will be able to join local businesses as a monetary supporter for our clubs and organizations.

If you would like more information about any of these new and expanded features, please send me an email using my contact form 

Thank you to all who support Nipawin News!

Post Author: Joanne Francis

Joanne Francis is the Editor and Journalist for Nipawin News