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(Last Updated On: November 21, 2017)
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Written by Ministry of Environment conservation officer Lindsey Leko

I have to admit that I am really enjoying writing these columns. As I travel around with my son for hockey and people actually recognize me from my mug shot in the local papers. I am happy to talk about what conservation officers do for a living and some of the rules we enforce.

So, that was some wind we got several weeks back. If there were any geese in flight, they would be enjoying South Carolina right now!

Some people wonder how wildlife would handle these types of weather events. Most large game would just hunker down in low spots in hopes of getting out of the wind. Some would find protection in the bush or other areas protected by trees. It is likely that Mother Nature and her wrath would have an impact on wildlife in some manner. Falling trees or blowing debris could have had some toll on our wildlife populations. But those would be isolated incidents.

Recently, I checked a couple of hunters who were in a yard site with a rather unique wildlife sign in it. They had never seen it before and asked what it meant. This automatically triggered a feature topic as there are many signs out there for all sportspeople to be aware of. I hope to cover off some of these signs and their meaning and purpose. For some reason, I am always able to date myself with music selections, so here I go again with the Five Man Electrical Band’s song Signs (Sign, Sign, Everywhere a sign).


CO Lindsey Leko – Photo credit Ministry of Environment.

Well, that should do it for another week. Until next column…remember to keep your finger off the trigger until you are committed to the shot.


Ministry of Environment conservation officer Lindsey Leko has spent more than 25 years as a conservation officer in Saskatchewan.

For many years, Officer Leko contributed a column to local papers on a variety of issues related to hunting, fishing, and other resource-related issues.

If you have questions, please contact lindsey.leko@gov.sk.ca.

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