Back from l-r: Pearl Propp, Pam Senger, Roberta Wheeler, Darwin Wheeler, Dave Propp, Jack Grassing, Verda Hoppe, Donna Paisley. Front from l-r: Amanda Moser, Helen Hodgson, Shauna Grassing, Laurie Unger, Steve Penzes.

Legion Lines – January 29th, 2018

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2018)

Nipawin Legion:
Back row from left to right: Pearl Propp, Pam Senger, Roberta Wheeler, Darwin Wheeler, Dave Propp, Jack Grassing, Verda Hoppe, Donna Paisley.
Front row from left to right:
Amanda Moser, Helen Hodgson, Shauna Grassing, Laurie Unger, Steve Penzes.

By Verda Hoppe – The annual meeting and election of officers for Nipawin Branch 120 was held Sat., Jan.27. The meeting was opened by acting President Laurie Unger who in her brief remarks thanked all former Presidents of the Branch for their service as she has found out just how different it is sitting in the President’s chair than being on the other side of the table!

She welcomed Comrade Ray Marjoram of North Battleford and Chairman of Saskatchewan Command as a guest.

Treasurer Roberta Wheeler presented her financial report for 2017 which shows that the Branch has done very well over the year and all accounts show healthy balances.

All other Committee heads gave reports of their activity during 2017. Some highlights followed.

Past President Hoppe informed the meeting that the United Church has donated an electric piano to the Branch which we had borrowed the last couple of years to use at Evergreen for the Remembrance Day service. Thank you to them for their generosity. She also reported that Tom Shultz is making the bronze plaque for the Pineo Point location on Tobin Lake. Thanks to Joe Harvey for his donation towards it. The tribute done by Doug Chisholm has been hung in the lounge.

Sports chair, Dave Propp in his report gave results from 2017 Legion sports as well as what has happened so far this year. The Branch had no entries for curling but the playoff for darts had been held and the team of Jack Grassing, Earl Stirling Brown, Dave Propp and Brittany Lyons would be going to provincials in the Closed event. The Branch playoff, if necessary, for crib is to be held Thurs., Feb.1. Those interested please sign up in the lounge or call to have your name added to the list. The Branch will be hosting Provincial Crib, Mar.16-18 and a committee is in place to do the arrangements.

Service Officer Steve Penzes reported he had attended a very informative workshop in Wadena put on by the provincial Service Officer. He plans to spend time at the next general meeting explaining just what his job is about and how he can help veterans and/or their families.

Comrade Shauna Grassing reported that the new Club 100 lottery licence is in place and tickets are available in the lounge until the first draw date, Mar.6. A maximum of 100 tickets are available. She also reported on a number of other fundraising items over the year including draws underway now, a 50/50 draw done monthly and a gift basket draw. Tickets for both are available in the lounge and are open to all not just members.

Bingo chair, Pam Senger, said in her report that bingo has shown a profit for 2017. More volunteers would be welcome!

Comrade Mosure gave a membership report. There are still quite a number of outstanding memberships. A reminder that the fee is now $55 and it may be paid at the lounge, mailed or paid by electronic transfer. We have welcomed the following new members: associates Megan Lyons, Ryan McInnes, Leeann Neault, affiliate Laurie Kratochvil, and ordinary Richard Neault and Greg Penner.

A request has been received from Smeaton Legion to take over Choiceland for the literary and Poppy campaign. Poppy chair Helen Hodgson will take care of necessary permission from provincial command.

After reports and business was dealt with acting Pres. Unger called on Comrade Penzes to conduct final nominations for the 2018 executive with assistance of Comrade Mosure.

For President Comrade Shauna Grassing was nominated to join Comrade Unger. Comrade Unger declined to run and Comrade Grassing was declared President by acclamation. Comrade Mosure was nominated as Secretary and Comrade Grassing’s name was removed after her election as President. All other positions were filled by acclamation and include: Laurie Unger, 1st Vice President, Helen Hodgson, 2nd Vice President, Roberta Wheeler, treasurer, Members at large are: Jack Grassing, Darwin Wheeler, Pam Senger, Dave Propp, Steve Penzes, Pearl Propp and Donna Paisley. Comrade Marjoram also requested that Comrade Verda Hoppe remain as Past President. He then conducted the installation of the new executive. He congratulated the Branch on the excellent reports and declared that the review by Saskatchewan Command was complete and he would no longer be attending meetings as an advisor. He was thanked by Comrade Grassing who then conducted closing ceremonies.

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