Is the Garrick landfill closing?

(Last Updated On: August 24, 2018)

Excerpt from the RM of Torch River Ratepayer News, August 2018 

In 2016 the Rural Municipality of Torch River sought the services of Evenstone Environmental Management in response to the regulation changes by the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment.

The RM has taken the required steps to determine what will be required to comply with those changes;

  • In July 2016, Evenstone Environmental Management concluded a preliminary assessment of the Garrick landfill.
  • In April 2017, Evenstone Environmental Management concluded a geotechnical investigation which served to begin site characterization required for a phase II environmental site assessment (ESA) as required by the Ministry of Environment for landfill operators as part of the permit renewals and needed to support closure or conversion of active sites.
  • In December 2017, Evenstone Environmental Management concluded the phase II ESA. This was to inform the RM about the environmental condition of the site and to support future management of the site.
  • In February 2018, the RM sought the services of Clifton Associates to provide us with a landfill expansion, decommissioning and waste transfer station development options study. 
  • In April 2018 Clifton Associates provided the RM with a solid waste management feasibility study.   

Now, a decision needs to be made.

The RM of Torch River’s permit to operate the Garrick landfill expires July 1, 2019 and the current pit is nearing it’s capacity. 

Three options have been considered in the feasibility study;

  • Landfill expansion (under the definition of expansion this includes a new pit)
  • Landfill decommissioning and development of a waste transfer station
  • Landfill decommissioning and joining the Boreal Area Regional Waste Authority (BARWA) located in the RM of Nipawin.  

There have been numerous discussions and meetings with other municipalities within the RM of Torch River as this also concerns them. 

The RM of Torch River would like your input as a ratepayer prior to making this crucial decision. 

Open houses will be held throughout the RM this fall to discuss the future of the landfill. Please check their website and follow them on Facebook as they will be posting the date, time and place of the information sessions. 

Source; RM of Torch River Ratepayer’s Newsletter – The information contained in this article was sent to all ratepayers along with their 2018 Tax bill. Reprinted with permission from the RM of Torch River administration. 

Feature Image courtesy of Len Mogge

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