High Pressure Transmission Pipeline Rupture Causing Natural Gas Service Outages in the Melfort Area

(Last Updated On: January 10, 2018)

SaskEnergy is experiencing problems with its pipeline system in the Melfort area. Gas pressure in our lines has dropped, which has resulted in some customers losing service to their homes and businesses in St. Brieux and the City of Melfort. 

SaskEnergy has now located the source of the pressure drop: a pipeline rupture of a high pressure transmission line between Weldon and Birch Hills.  A SaskEnergy construction crew has been dispatched to the site to begin immediate repairs.

SaskEnergy continues to respond to service outage calls in the affected area.  Technicians and operators are still working to determine the scale of the service outage, and will go door-to-door to restore service and assist customers in relighting and safely restarting their appliances as soon as possible.  Any customer who has lost service is asked to contact SaskEnergy at 1-888-700-0427.

Additional information about what to do in the event of natural gas service disruption to your home or business can be found at:

SaskEnergy Public Service Announcement – January 10th, 2018 10:00 a.m

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