Guy in the Tie Ditches His Tie For a Fishing Rod

(Last Updated On: September 9, 2017)

It’s no secret that I think The Guy in the Tie, our own Jarvis Diamond of Save-U IGA in Nipawin, is one of our local business owner who really knows how to take full advantage of social media to reach his market.

Clearly torn between promoting their upcoming Dollar Days sale September 8th to 14th and taking a father and son fishing trip, Jarvis shows he is the master of compromise. And only Jarvis could come up with a video that combines our popular local pastime, fishing, with back to school, off to college (seriously, noodles for 10 cents a pack?) and roll it all into a day of relaxation on the Saskatchewan River with his son Riley.

The Nipawin Save-U IGA has been in the Jarvis family for 40 years and, by the looks of it, will last another 40. In addition to doing a great job marketing his own business, Jarvis is well known for his avid support of other local businesses. Shopping at Save-U IGA, you can pick up your copy of Bear Essential Life magazine, a family publication produced and published locally by the Barks family, select from the assortment of delicious products from M&M Garlic proudly produced by the McBain’s of White Fox, or pick up some of Super Dave’s Honey from our own local honey producers, the Gane family.

But Jarvis takes it a step further than just showing support for other local businesses and has been known to share some of his secrets and contributes his knowledge and experience as director of the Nipawin Business Improvement District

For all that he does, Jarvis Diamond of Save-U IGA in Nipawin has earned the honor of being the subject of Nipawin New’s first Spotlight On Nipawin feature. Follow Nipawin News on Facebook or go to our website at Nipawin.News to see who’s next!

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Post Author: Joanne Francis

Joanne Francis is the Editor and Journalist for Nipawin News