Local Equipment Mobilizes as Granite Fire Crosses Highway 106

(Last Updated On: September 6, 2017)

Highway 106 from the Junction of Highway 135 to Creighton is closed due to the Granite wildfire crossing the highway.

According to the notice on the Saskatchewan Highway Hotline web site posted Monday, August 28th at 8:01 pm, motorists are to expect delays of up to 6 hours, authorities are asking those travelling in the area to reduce speed, avoid passing and be prepared to stop. Visibility is reduced due to thick smoke.

Calls for additional equipment have Torch River area equipment contractors preparing to join the Denare Beach Fire Protection Area crews to aid in firefighting efforts.

Granite, Wilkin and Flo Fires Exceed 33,800 Hectares

3 major fires in the Denare Beach Fire Protection Area As of August 28th, 2017

  • 17DB-GRANITE,  Status: Not Contained, Estimated Size: 25,000 hectares,
  • 17DB-WILKIN, Status: Not Contained, Estimated Size: 6,100 Hectares,
  • 17DB-FLO, Status: Contained, Estimated Size: 2,716.3 Hectares, (The FLO fire is burning on both sides of the MB/SK border. Firefighting efforts are being provided by Manitoba Wildfire Services)

Hudson Bay Fire Protection Area

17HB-NAMEW, Status: Ongoing Assessment, Estimated Size: 4601 Hectares


Jan Lake (Wilken)Fire – August 7, 2017

Photos and video posted on Facebook by Adrienne Ivey August 7, 2017

I often think that the ranch allows me to experience Nature’s beauty and rage, but nothing is as devastatingly beautiful as what I witnessed this weekend. 

The forest fires raging in Northern Saskatchewan are unlike anything I have ever seen before. Fortunately, they are not near people or buildings. Yet. 
Seeing the helicopters and water bombers, and hearing what the firemen had to say gave me a whole new appreciation for the danger they put themselves into. 
Nature is beauty. Nature is fury. Nature knows no boundaries or human limitations.

Wilkin Bay – Jan Lake Saskatchewan

Post Author: Joanne Francis

Joanne Francis is the Editor and Journalist for Nipawin News