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(Last Updated On: May 2, 2019)

On September 14th, 2018, a creator page on Patreon was launched for Nipawin News. It’s purpose is to allow our readers and followers a way to support local media and become an integral part of news and community coverage for Nipawin and North East Saskatchewan. 

Does this mean I will have to subscribe to read Nipawin News articles?

No! All of our usual coverage will still be free to access and read to everyone. You will still be able to view news, event coverage, and community happenings without becoming a patron.

A new series of articles will be published exclusively for our patrons. Those articles will be a variety of topics, including backgrounders for free articles, sneak previews of investigative work and a variety of other custom content. 

What benefits do I get for being a patron of Nipawin News? 

While I would like to say a warm fuzzy feeling for supporting local news is reward enough, I realize many people want more. I agree that those who show their support deserve more, and I have responded to that with several perks available exclusively to Patreon supporters only! 

Coffee row for patrons… 

Benefits of being a Nipawin News patron….

  • Showing your support for our community effort to build strong independent local news media for Nipawin & North East Saskatchewan.
  • Participate in our Community Engagement Group For Nipawin News Facebook Group – add your input, participate in discussions about local issues.  A troll free zone!
  • Previews of upcoming topics being worked on,
  • Supporter’s Monthly Newsletter – Behind the scenes, previews and more in a monthly newsletter
  • Access to all the supporter only feed on Patreon
  • Access to exclusive supporter only articles on the Nipawin.news web site
  • Join our patrons coffee row – invitation to join our exclusive monthly coffee row at a different local business each month – chat about local issues OFF THE RECORD – (if you have a story you want on the record, that can be accommodated!)*
  • Supporter recognition – at your discretion, your name or business name will be added to the tier list of Nipawin News supporters*
  • Access to digital download of images of the north east taken by Nipawin News, including license permissions to use the images to promote your local business, events or club!*
  • My gratitude and love for supporting Nipawin News!

 * Coffee row invitations, supporter recognition and access to digital downloads are available to supporters pledging $5 or more per month

Become a Patron!

Why does Nipawin News need patrons?

Many of my readers feel local businesses should support Nipawin News through advertising, but the reality is Nipawin News needs multiple revenue streams in order to meet the needs and wants of the residents of North East Saskatchewan. 

Some local businesses already support Nipawin News, however there are many that prefer local media with print versions, social media or Google advertising. Additionally there are some that are franchises and work with their corporate offices purchasing a lot of advertising through ad networks.

While Nipawin News did host Google Ads for a short period of time, the inability to filter and display only local ads, along with the low quality of advertisers ending up on our web site, led to the decision to end Google Ads being displayed on Nipawin News. 

While I don’t have the intention of making Nipawin News ad free, strong support from patrons will allow me to reduced the amount of advertising and ensure space available can be offered only to local businesses, not their competitors from out of the area. 

A small portion of our readers surveyed (7%) felt the news should be reported and provided for free, as in the people reporting the news should not get paid. To those 7%, I realize you won’t be jumping to become a patron, but can you contact me with information about how you make a living? I’m hoping one of you is a roofer who will come and fix my roof for free ;). 

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Post Author: Joanne Francis

Joanne Francis is the Editor and Journalist for Nipawin News