Humboldt Broncos

Editor’s Message Regarding Nipawin News’ Coverage of the Humboldt Broncos Incident

(Last Updated On: April 8, 2018)

With the massive volume of articles coming from all over the country, I will be restricting further coverage by Nipawin News to important local announcements, updates from RCMP and other authorities and community support information for now.

Out of respect for the friends and families, I don’t feel it is necessary to be one more of the many news agencies contacting them for statements and verification of facts. As an independent media outlet I will leave that to the Journal and the Recorder as they are part of networks that enable them to reduce the number of inquiries made to those close to the victims.

When the mainstream media coverage has slowed down and left Nipawin, I, just as the Nipawin Journal and The Recorder, will still be here to keep area residents up to date with information and news that will be important to those coping well into the future.

The group, Nipawin News, will still be accepting posts of relevant articles, however I do ask that members avoid posting articles that are duplication of what is already posted and limit what is shared to articles containing new information and support or fundraising events related to the incident.

I also ask that followers of the Nipawin News page and members of the Nipawin News group continue to show respect for each other as you have always done in the past.

Understand that each of us has our own way of coping and, while you may not agree with how others cope, please respect their need for expression of their thoughts and feelings.

As has always been a rule in the group, speculation and rumours are not welcome. If you see a comment that is based on a rumour that I did not remove, it is likely because someone has replied with a fact that dispels the rumour.

If you do not wish to follow a conversation, the best thing to do is not comment on it. If you have commented, you can turn off notifications for that particular post.

Thank you for your understanding,

Sending love, courage and support to all who are touched by this tragedy, near and afar.

Joanne Francis
Nipawin News

Post Author: Joanne Francis

Joanne Francis is the Editor and Journalist for Nipawin News