Driver Caution: Crews are setting up to do repairs to the Nipawin Bridge

(Last Updated On: September 18, 2018)

Department of highways crews are just setting up their signage in prepare to do repairs on the Nipawin bridge on Highway 55, north of Nipawin.


While the work has begun, no information is listed yet on the Highway Hotline, signage erected so far indicates the reduced speed limit of 50 km/hr is already in effect on the bridge and as you approach from both sides.

Signs also indicate that photo radar will be utilized to enforce construction zone speed limits.

Fines for speeding are based on how far over tge speed limit you are going and triple in work zones.

Please drive with care and obey flag persons!!

Post Author: Joanne Francis

Joanne Francis is the Editor and Journalist for Nipawin News