COVID-19 Update from Cumberland House Cree Nation

(Last Updated On: March 19, 2020)

March 18, 2020
From: Cumberland House Cree Nation, Chief and Council
Re: COVID-19 Update

As most people were made aware through social media there was an individual in our community who was in direct contact with a person from another Northern Community who tested positive for the coronavirus.

It has now been confirmed through the lab in Winnipeg that this person, who had been in Cumberland House last week, has tested positive for COVID-19. We are asking all our members not to panic but to take even more precaution in self-isolating and practicing all the preventative measures you have been made aware of and encouraged to do. Contact tracing will be done by a health professional from our health Center is working closely with PAGC and NITHA on this process.

The Cumberland House Clinic will be responsible for testing people who are showing all the symptoms of COVID-19 but please keep in mind the testing kits are very limited at this time however, we are working hard to receive additional testing kits.

Please keep in mind that anyone who is symptomatic must call 811 first to be screened and they will be directed to the nearest testing site if they have been reccomended to do so. For those who are severely immune compromised and the frail elderly with existing health conditions to please self isolate and refrain from allowing visitors at this time.

We will provide regular updates and information as received.

Chief Rene Chaboyer
Cumberland House Cree Nation

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