Promote Your Business with Nipawin News

Marketing Opportunities with Nipawin News – In today’s digital era, businesses are swamped with online marketing options that can be, at best, confusing.

Nipawin News is more than just a news outlet. Nipawin News is a community portal. I welcome local business submissions of news, public service announcements and other non sales related communications to area residents.


  • Press Releases/Announcements
    • Got news about your business or industry that would be of interest to local residents? Write your own press release with all the details and quotes from your management, staff or industry experts and submit them for publication. (News releases must include local content)
  • News Tips
    • Is there a story in your community you feel needs to be in the news? Contact me and let me know about it!
    • Are there rumours or misunderstandings happening among local residents that you would like to clarify? Tell me what the problem is so I can do in depth research and help provide area residents with all the facts so they can make educated decisions instead of fueling social media rumours or misinformation.
  • Website/Social Media Launches
    • Have you recently created a new website or launched a social media page/group or profile for your business? Nipawin News can help you introduce it to the community. Simply send in a press release with the link.
  • Staff, Management or Customer Profiles
    • Do you have a staff member or customer you would like to show recognition to? Send in their story for an article in the Spotlight on Nipawin feature.


  • Calendar of events – For the events you sponsor
    • Get your entire year’s planned events into our calendar of events
      • Meetings, sponsored events
    • Nipawin News Supporters get a banner and/or link on the event page acknowledging your sponsorship
  • Calendar of events – For your sales and promotions
    • If you are a current Nipawin News Supporter, you will also be allowed to submit your upcoming time limited sales and promotions to be included in the shopping category in the Calendar of Events.
  • Sponsored Event Reviews/Summaries
    • After your event is over, you can submit results, photos or even a complete article reviewing the entire event
  • Official Notices
    • The print display ads for your public notices are reaching fewer local residents. Find out about the options available to you in Nipawin News to ensure your notices reach beyond print. Options such as dedicated notice pages exclusively for your business and hosting tender packages or application forms for easy downloading. Deep links with each notice can be set directly to your own website ensuring interested parties can quickly find the details you provide. You can use Nipawin News as a venue to reach a larger audience, such as for notices of invitations to tender in upcoming projects.*
  • Hiring New Employees
    • Current Nipawin News supporters get unlimited job postings in our job bank.
  • Sponsor a Feature
    • Nipawin News has several features that you can sponsor. When you sponsor a feature your ad will be the only in line article ads visible, plus you get a banner and text based ad at the end of the article.
      • Spotlight on Nipawin
      • Conservation Corner
      • Create your own special feature that compliments your business such as DIY articles or product reviews
  • Coupons
    • Your business can offer coupons on our website or though our newsletter feature
  • Good old banners
    • Your business banner ad can run on the Nipawin News website with links to your social media page or website. Not only will you increase your reach among Nipawin News’ 2,000+ followers, you will also be supporting local journalism, something that 85% of our readers surveyed have stated they appreciate and expect to see from local businesses.
  • Marketing & Social Media Integration
    • Still learning the ropes for using Social Media to promote your business? As a Nipawin News supporter I can help you review your entire marketing plan and provide recommendations to make the most of all your marketing and advertising efforts.
    • Staff training can also be provided to hone the skills of your employees using social media to promote your business.

Learn more about becoming a Nipawin News Supporter

You can find out more about how Nipawin News can benefit your business by emailing me or call Joanne Francis at 306-769-7350

*** Website design, hosting and maintenance, Social media development and management are paid services, however, regular contributors and supporters of Nipawin News have access to some free consulting services to help you improve the efficiency of your current website or social media account and, in turn, your advertising on Nipawin News.