Non-Profits, Promote Your Events!

Nipawin News is more than just a news outlet. Nipawin News is a community portal. I welcome local non-profit group and organization’s submissions wanting to expand their reach beyond their current membership or even just those looking to offer more ways to distribute announcements to their members.

Best of all, most options are available to you at no charge.


Calendar of events

  • Get your entire year’s planned events into our calendar of events
  • Meetings, events, seminars, etc


  • Publish your existing newsletters online either as an article or in pdf form

Press Releases/Announcements

  • Got news about your organization? Write your own press release with all the details and quotes from your members or board and submit them for publication

Event Reviews/Summaries

  • After your event is over, you can submit results, photos or even a complete article reviewing the entire event for publication

Website/Social Media Launches & Promotions

  • Have you recently created a new website or launched a social media page/group or profile for you organization? Nipawin News can help you introduce it to the community. Simply send in a press release with the link.

Member Profiles

  • Do you have a member you would like to show recognition to? Send in their story for an article.

You can find out more about how Nipawin News can benefit your club by emailing me or call Joanne Francis at 306-769-7350

Free event services are available to Non-Profit Organizations, Charities and Clubs. If your event is part of a business promotion please contact me to find out if your event qualifies for free promotion on Nipawin News