CJNE 94.7 FM The Storm – Get The App!

How to download and get using the TuneIn app on your phone to listen to CJNE FM

On your phone’s browser, go to CJNE FM’s web site at http://www.cjnefm.com 

Tap on the set of headphones over “LISTEN LIVE”

This will take you to the option to Listen in App, selecting that will take you to The App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android to “The TuneIn Radio – Stream Live Radio” app. Once the app is downloaded just hit Open.



The first time you use the app you will need to set some options. You can allow the app to know your location. This is helpful if you want to find other local stations available or when you are traveling to listen to local stations along the way on a road trip. You can also enable or disable notifications from the app. You can change these settings later on through your locations and notifications settings on your phone.

You will see a screen, “Start Your Free Trial”. Don’t worry, that is only for the premium subscriptions. To just listen to a CJNE FM, you do not require the subscription. Just tap the X in the top left of your screen and it will take you to the free version.

After you close the free trial screen, it will take you directly to the Storm, tap on “♥Favorite” to keep the Storm on your favorites list then just push the play button and you are listening live!

Once you have the app playing, there are a few handy features you should know about. The app automatically starts with a live feed. You will see a timer that shows how long you have been listening during your current session. Push pause and that remains. Push stop and play again and it resets to live. You can slide the bar back to listen to something you missed like a phone number on the Storm Shopper or a favorite song you just want to hear again. You can also go back or ahead until you reach live again by tapping the 30 with the arrow around it to go in 30-second increments.

Want to share the app with your friends on Facebook? Select the three dots beside the controls and share away or set a sleep timer to shut the radio off at a certain time.

Now you can enjoy CJNE FM on your phone, anywhere you go!