Carrot River Firefighter Injured While Battling Structure Fire

(Last Updated On: November 13, 2018)

Carrot River Fire and Rescue statement – Tuesday, November 13th, 2018 –  At approximately 1530 hrs Sunday, November 11 Carrot River Fire and Rescue responded to a structure fire out in the RM of Moose Range with 14 members.

At approximately 1700 hrs a piece of the structure broke away from the main structure and struck a member on the right side, causing injuries to the member.

Firefighting was suspended and prevention from spreading was the protocol until the safety of all personnel was secured and the injured member was removed from the scene by Northeast EMS.

Once the injured member was removed from the scene, members resumed firefighting until the fire was put out.

The injured member was taken to Nipawin Hospital for treatment and went on to Prince Albert for precautionary tests.

We are relieved to inform the public that the injured member returned to his home Monday, November 12. He will not return to active duty for 2 weeks.

A full investigation is being completed at this time, we thank any and all questions to be directed to Kevin Trew, Town Administrator during regular business hours.

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