Nipawin RCMP

Nipawin & Smeaton RCMP Seeking Input at Town Hall Meetings in March

Both Nipawin and Smeaton RCMP Detachments will be holding Town Hall Meetings in March as they seek input from residents in each of their detachment areas and to discuss policing services and update residents on their strategic plans.  Read more about Nipawin & Smeaton RCMP Seeking Input at Town Hall Meetings in March

There is no Choiceland in Facebook Land

Facebook is famous for the hundred of things they do to annoy us, but the one that seems to make the least amount of sense is the fact that Facebook does not recognize Choiceland, SK as a place in it’s massive index of towns, places, villages and even hamlets. And Choiceland is not alone, Love, SK and Smeaton, SK suffer the same dilemma. 

80 Year Old Bud Jardine Shoots Persistent Bear

On Sunday, Bud Jardine came home in the early hours after combining to find a bear rummaging through his house. The bear had broken in while he was away and done considerable damage foraging for food. Bud, who just celebrated his 80th birthday last weekend, is no stranger to visiting bears at his home in […]

Dear Criminals, Don’t Mess With Love

Robbery in Love Interrupted by Brave Citizens. On Monday, July 31st, 2017, Nipawin RCMP responded to a call of a robbery in progress at S&L Service in Love, SK, and that concerned citizens had witnessed a break and enter and had stepped up to detain the suspects until police arrived. One man and two women were apprehended […]