APAS pleased with passage of Bill C-49

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2018)

APAS President Todd Lewis is commending all parties in the House of Commons and Senate for the passage of Federal Transportation Bill C-49.

This has been a very complicated consultation and legislative process, and our producers appreciate the diligence of both Ministers Marc Garneau and Lawrence McAulay and parliamentarians from all parties in the House and Senate for getting the bill passed before the new crop year starts August 1. Our members would especially like to thank the Senate and House of Commons Transport and Agriculture Committee members for their diligence in examining the elements of the legislation and their openness in consulting with stakeholders. We are also pleased that they included very valuable amendments in the process

Lewis also expressed his satisfaction with the collaborative efforts of Prairie agricultural organizations in representing the interests of producers.

For the last few years, we have been working with commodity groups like SaskWheat, SaskBarley and SaskPulse in putting forward a common position on transportation. We have also been working with our fellow members of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture and with industry groups, and our positions were all very consistent. These efforts will benefit all of Western Canada and shippers from all commodities like mining and forestry, not just those in agriculture

However, Lewis also pointed out that the work is not finished.

Now that the legislation has been passed, we will have to work with the Federal Government on developing regulations, and with the grain industry on how the provisions of the act can lead to more reliable grain transportation service,” Lewis concluded.

APAS Media Release –May 23, 2018

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