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Advertising on Nipawin News is available only to Northeast businesses serving Nipawin and the surrounding communities, your ads do not compete with mass advertising feeds.

The Nipawin News website launched on August 8, 2017. In the first two weeks, the site averaged over 500 article reads per day. By the third week, that number grew to over 950 articles read per day. Nipawin News readership continues to grow as word spreads about our new media outlet.

Our web advertising rates are based on CPM (per 1,000 impressions). You chose your ad’s location and set the maximum number of impressions based on your own budget.

Premium locations

Leaderboard – Banner ads visible at the top of the page on every page view. They are shown to all site visitors and are the first advertisement any site visitor sees. Maximum of 5 banners in a rotation.

Inline – Articles – Banner ads that are placed inline in each article about every second or third paragraph. Each article would contain 1 to 3 ads, depending on the size and type of article and number of graphics contained in it. Inline ads are available with a priority rating (1st,2nd, or 3rd ad on a page) with a maximum of 5 banners in a rotation for each placement.

Article continued after ad

Inline Article ads are prefaced with “Article continued after ad”

Other Locations

Right Column/Below Article in Mobile – Right column ads are viewed in the right-hand column for all PC visitors and directly below articles on mobile. While these ads are not as prominent as Leaderboard and Inline ads, they still very prominent on PC views and on mobile. Right column ads are available with a priority rating (1st,2nd,3rd,4th, or 5th ad on page). 5 placements fixed or rotating

Footer Ads – Footer ads are an ideal choice for long term presence on our website without having to use up your budget. With the lowest cost per thousand impressions and a varying level of views, you can really stretch your advertising dollars with rotating footer ads. Fixed and rotating available. Maximum 3 banner placements. Rotating banners set at a maximum of 5 banners.


Your advertising can be tailored to your marketing needs and budget. All advertisers are provided with weekly reports and ad banners can be updated at any time.