What If I Told You… Your Facebook Ads Don’t Even Reach 10% of Your Customers?

You hear the shop local chant all the time, and it gets almost annoying to some. Brick and mortar stores asking for your business, hoping you won’t take your shopping dollars out of town.

It’s an ongoing struggle, one which has many businesses in small communities floundering, desperately grasping the latest in advertising options like Google Adwords, Facebook Boosts and even do-it-yourself social media posts. Read more about What If I Told You… Your Facebook Ads Don’t Even Reach 10% of Your Customers?

What Can Saskatchewan Ratepayers Do If They Feel Their Municipality is Mismanaged?

EDITORIAL – Sometimes, as ratepayers, we feel our hands are tied. We cast our votes and hope that those we put in control of our municipalities, and our tax dollars, were the right choices. With the casting of our votes, we hand over the future of our community to those with the most popular votes. […]

You Can Print Nipawin News Articles To Share With Family and Friends Who Don’t Use The Internet

PrintFriendly Allows you to print Nipawin News articles, save to PDF or Email

As part of my efforts to continually improve the Nipawin News web site, and thanks to feedback from site visitors, I have launched a new feature that allows readers to print a nice clean copy of the article to save for themselves or to share with family and friends who don’t have internet access. Read more about You Can Print Nipawin News Articles To Share With Family and Friends Who Don’t Use The Internet

There is no Choiceland in Facebook Land

Facebook is famous for the hundred of things they do to annoy us, but the one that seems to make the least amount of sense is the fact that Facebook does not recognize Choiceland, SK as a place in it’s massive index of towns, places, villages and even hamlets. And Choiceland is not alone, Love, SK and Smeaton, SK suffer the same dilemma. 

We All Have Our Secrets

While going through my mail one day I noticed a letter from Statistics Canada. At first, I assumed it was for me and almost opened it until I realized it was addressed to my teenage daughter. When she opened the letter a seemingly blank white card dropped out. The letter contained a request for her to participate in a survey for persons with disabilities. We looked at each other with blank stares. Neither of us was aware that she had a disability. We concluded it must be a mistake. Read more about We All Have Our Secrets

Nipawin Residents Showing Support for New Media

On August 6, 2017, I made a post in the Facebook group, Nipawin News, venting my frustrations over the difficulties I and other area residents have finding local news stories. Nearly 20 years ago I had left the media industry and I honestly never thought I would return to it, but it had become clear to me that there was room for another, more modern, form of news coverage for Nipawin and all the communities in Nipawin’s trade area.

When I made that decision to go ahead with Nipawin News as a new media outlet less than 4 weeks ago, I had no idea just how busy I would be. What is published in other media is only a drop in the bucket of the potential news stories from Nipawin and area. Honestly, I could keep several reporters working full time with the number of leads I have generated in the past few weeks. After 20 years in “retirement” from journalism, it is a bit of a re-learning curve for me so everyone bear with me as I get organized and running smoothly.  Read more about Nipawin Residents Showing Support for New Media

Do You Listen to Sirius XM Radio?

I do. We have Sirius XM radios in our vehicles, in our shop, even in our equipment. We even have a Sirius XM home base we can plug our portable receivers into and listen to the satellite radio service in our home. It’s great, you can choose from so many stations and listen to exactly […]

Right to be Forgotten

“Right to be forgotten” It’s a journalistic phrase that means sometimes a person has the right to not have their name included in a story so that they may overcome their past. While I am one of the first people to criticize our courts for being way too lenient with hardened criminals, there is one […]

The Beginning of Nipawin News

Nipawin News brings you every kind of news coverage from Nipawin, Saskatchewan and the surrounding communities. Nipawin News has been a service provided to the residents of Nipawin and area since February 25, 2015, sharing news stories for Nipawin & area on Facebook. While the Facebook group is a great way for everyone to connect and follow […]