Carrot River Chase The Ace Wraps Up With a $21,582 Jackpot

Thank you Carrot River and surrounding communities!!! Monday, April 30th’s final draw was amazing to say the least. Congratulations to our 20% winner last night, Charlotte Skiftun from Melfort. She took home $3,932!!! And another congratulations to Leslie Irving from Tisdale who by proxy won the $21,582 jackpot!!!   Mazurek Industries Ltd is the sponsor until […]

Reader’s Opinion: Outsider Looking in on the Community

I can remember traveling back and forth from Lloydminster to Nipawin with my fiancé at the time. She was from Nipawin and always talked about how good the local hockey team was. I enjoy a good hockey game. Lloydminster had many teams to follow, which I did, with my nephews and my oldest daughter who all loved the game. I can remember traveling on the buses and having a great time bonding with the players and other parents. Read more about Reader’s Opinion: Outsider Looking in on the Community