Week 15 of Nipawin Chase the Ace – Jackpot Continues to Rise From $11,046

(Last Updated On: January 6, 2018)

Jan. 4th Week 15 of Nipawin Chase the Ace. Watch out this spring for a Pinedale multi-family garage sale as there could be some real goodies coming after Zenon and Jean Spilchuk use their winnings to go on a shopping spree ;). This spry couple took home tonight’s 20% of $608!! Jean drew the queen of diamonds though which is good news for everyone else as our jackpot will continue to grow next week from $11,046!!

Big thanks to Wild Bills Pizza and Dairy Queen for helping round out a great meal tonight, helping to raise around $800 for the renovations!

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Next weeks supper will be prepared by Nipawin’s K40 Club. Menu to include Greek chicken breast, baked potato and ceasar salad. All for $10.

Nipawin Chase The Ace

SK Lottery License # LR17-0044

Thanks also to Pineland COOP for sponsoring our sign changes for the month of Jan!




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